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Singer One Plus sewing machineSinger Sewing Solutions is here to introduce you to the latest and greatest quality products SINGER has to offer. A SINGER sewing machine for every level of sewing. From beginners to more advanced. As a young girl, I was never very good at sewing and now I absolutely love it. If you have a great sewing machine to work with, it makes sewing fun. So don’t wait any longer kick-back, relax and mosey through our site highlighting the best in SINGER sewing and embroidery machines.

SINGER has led the world in the most advanced sewing and embroidery machines. With the finest technology there is to acquire, SINGER has soared to new levels, in making your sewing experience a pleasant and memorable one. There is no comparison, SINGER sewing machines is a head above the rest, and Singer Sewing Solutions is here to bring satisfaction to our customers. If we don’t have what you are looking for we will help you find it. Your one-stop shopping store.

The products listed have a brief explanation of what each machine has to offer and a list of accessories included. Their sewing machines have easy to follow instructions and an outstanding warranty. They have great reviews and a vast range of prices. If you are looking for quality and value, this is the place and SINGER is the machine! So, hang onto your hats, because you are about to be amazed at how reasonably priced SINGER products are and the variety there is to choose from. Take your time, check them out, compare them, we want you to be completely happy with your choice. No matter which machine you decide on, SINGER will always be #1.

Here are just a few quality machines they have to offer:

  • Futura XL-400
  • Stylist 9960
  • Curvy 8770
  • Professionsl 5 Serger
  • Simple 3232
  • Talent 3323